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Happy "Tax Efficient" New Year From Cost Seg America

Jan 03, 2023

     Whether the year ends in a 2 or 3, most everything in your life will generally be the same...

     The clock turns over every year with a big fanfare; football, champagne, fireworks, rock’n’roll, and a late night! Though when we woke up on January 1, 2023 nearly everything is the same as it was on 12/31/22. It’s sort of like your birthday.

     Normally, one day does not provide dramatic shift or change. It’s just another turn of the calendar page. Or as my good friend Pink Floyd would say, “it’s just another brick in the wall”.

     Perhaps you made New Year’s Resolutions, but these take personal effort, and that change can start any day of the year, not just January 1st. Real change happens using determination and willpower, regardless of the day/month on the calendar.


  • As many know with the turn of the calendar in 2023, the coveted 100% bonus depreciation will now be reduced to 80% bonus depreciation. Though it should be emphasized, 80% bonus depreciation is still very, very good. So, what does that look like? In 2022, on your $4M CRE investment, you and your investors realized $1M in bonus depreciation. Now in 2023 you and your investors will realize $800K in bonus depreciation, with the remaining $200K accelerated over the next few years. The result is continued tax efficiency.
  • Additionally, the 45L Residential Energy Efficient Tax Credit and 179D Commercial Energy Efficient Tax Incentive have been enhanced by the Inflation Reduction Act. Both of which will see substantially increased the benefits to develop and build energy efficient homes and buildings in 2023. The result is continued tax efficiency.

     Certainly economic conditions and interest rates impact the real estate investment arena, but the free market has the will and desire to proceed. Where there is a will (and interested investors), there is a way to make a transaction work.

    The Cost Seg America team feel strongly that 2023 will produce continued growth and be a highly “tax efficient” new year. We wish all the best to you and yours in the coming year!

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