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Don't be an April Fool - You Get What you PAY For!

Mar 29, 2024

     You may have seen this image floating around the internet recently. This image highlights EXACTLY - You get what you pay for! It couldn't be more true when it comes to cost segregation. Are you focusing on the price of the study instead of focusing on the benefit? It's a critical question that deserves your attention.

     Over the past two decades, my team and I at Cost Seg America have seen numerous clients left with a subpar mess, having initially pursued cost segregation studies elsewhere. Unfortunately, many discovered later that they were leaving significant tax benefits on the table, and worse, their studies might not even stand up to IRS scrutiny.

     It is impossible to find more in total benefit than a Cost Seg America Tier One study unless the cost segregation provider is in the grey area (which will be scrutinized by any IRS agent). I urge you to spare a few moments to watch this brief video highlighting the 3 Critical Mistakes When Choosing a Cost Segregation Provider:

     At Cost Seg America, we're not just another provider - we're committed to delivering the Cost Seg America difference. Our "fully engineered and accounted" cost segregation study (Tier One study) consistently yields between 6% to 15% more total depreciation compared to other providers, including those prominently listed on the first page of Google for the keyword “cost segregation”.

     If another company cannot answer YES to all of the below questions, you are receiving an inferior study, leaving valuable money on the table and putting you at risk of losing an IRS audit. 

  • Do they ensure comprehensive inclusion of ALL qualifying components (5, 7 and 15-year), leaving no potential savings behind?
  • Are they thoroughly considering non-qualifying components (27.5 or 39-year) ensuring every eligible aspect is factored in?
  • Are they paying detailed attention to hidden electrical, plumbing, and mechanical components?
  • Does their study provide you with an asset management report for easy identification of future adjustments in full compliance with IRS regulations?
  • Do they offer indefinite full audit protection, providing peace of mind for years to come?
  • Also... How many audits have they successfully defended, and have they ever had to refund money to the IRS on behalf of their clients?

     I'd like to extend an offer for a complimentary review on any other cost segregation study or proposal by our Director of Taxation. Backed by 22+ years of experience, our team will show you how to gain maximum benefit and protect your future investments.

     Don't settle for less when it comes to your tax benefits. Reach out to us today and let's ensure you are not missing out on what's rightfully yours.

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