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Only 92 Days Until March 15 Tax Day: Act Now to Secure Your Peace of Mind!

Dec 14, 2023

     As the festive season approaches, we couldn't help but think about the hustle and bustle that comes with last-minute Christmas shopping. Have you finished yours, or are you planning to brave the crowds at the eleventh hour?

     We all know the perils of procrastination when it comes to holiday shopping – that perfect gift may be sold out, or the ideal website might be too overloaded to navigate. Have you ever missed an opportunity by not planning ahead and were too late for that special gift?

     Speaking of planning ahead, I wanted to draw your attention to another impending deadline that requires some foresight – March 15 Tax Day! Yes, it's only 92 days away, and the rush is already starting. Many of our clients are taking the initiative and getting their tax planning strategies in order early this year.

     Our team has expanded to meet the increased demand for cost segregation studies. With inflation and economic uncertainty, businesses are gearing up sooner than usual. We strongly advise against waiting until the last minute. Now is the time to act!

     Our TIER ONE Fully Engineered and Accounted Studies typically take 10 weeks to complete. If you want your CPA to have the cost segregation report in time for tax season, you'll want to get started right away. Don't leave it to chance – let us help you navigate this process smoothly.

     Give us a call, and we'll provide you with a no-cost proposal for any property you've Built, Purchased, or Renovated in the LAST 10 YEARS. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for you, ensuring that you can enjoy the holidays without the stress of looming deadlines.

     Avoid the last-minute rush, and gain peace of mind knowing that your cost segregation study is completed early this year. Happy Holidays!

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