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Tax-Smart Real Estate Strategy: Which Properties Accelerate the Fastest?

Oct 05, 2023

     Are you considering cost segregation as a crucial component of your tax planning strategy for your real estate investments? If so, you're on the right path to optimizing your tax benefits, especially if you plan on expanding your property portfolio in the future. However, it's important to understand that not all properties accelerate depreciation the same using cost segregation. Let's explore how this strategy can vary across different types of real estate, based on our 21 years of experience.

  1. Warehouses: Cost Segregation can identify between 8% and 18% accelerated property depreciation for warehouses. This strategy can help you realize significant tax advantages when investing in warehouse properties.

  2. Medical Office Buildings: The potential for accelerated depreciation is even higher for medical office buildings, ranging from 25% to 65%. This makes it a popular option for investors looking to maximize tax benefits.

  3. Garden Style Apartment Complex: Compared to a Highrise Apartment Complex (7% and 30%), Garden Style Apartments offer a more favorable range of between 20% and 45% in accelerated depreciation.

  4. Strip Malls: Investing in strip malls can also be lucrative from a tax perspective, as they can accelerate between 20% and 45% in depreciation using cost segregation.

  5. Restaurants: Restaurants are excellent candidates for cost segregation, offering a potential acceleration range of 20% to 45%. This can significantly reduce your tax liability.

     It's important to note that the exact amount of accelerated depreciation you can achieve through cost segregation depends on various factors specific to each property. Therefore, it's wise to engage a reputable firm like the Cost Seg America team to conduct a thorough cost segregation study tailored to your investment.

     Our team at Cost Seg America provides a no-cost estimate of the potential accelerated depreciation you can expect. However, the precise figures will only be determined after a comprehensive cost segregation study on your property.

     If you're planning to purchase your next investment property and want to maximize your tax benefits through cost segregation, reach out to the Cost Seg America team. We can set up a Discovery Call to help you develop a tailored tax planning strategy, ensuring you make the most of your real estate investments while staying tax-efficient.

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