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Component Unit Breakout for Strip Mall Owners

Nov 02, 2023

     Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential of your strip mall investment property? Introducing the Cost Seg America teams game-changing approach for strip mall owners – Component Unit Breakout.

     For over two decades, the ingenious minds of the Cost Seg America team have meticulously refined the art of cost segregation studies, forever changing how strip mall owners can optimize their returns.

     Our dedicated team goes beyond the ordinary, meticulously dissecting every aspect of your strip mall property to assign value to each individual component. This strategic breakdown maximizes depreciation benefits for you, the strip mall owner. Unlike other cost segregation providers that merely scratch the surface, leaving significant sums on the table, we delve deep to ensure your profits remain exactly where they belong – in your pocket.

     What truly sets the Cost Seg America team apart is our commitment to enhancing your options. Our exclusive Component Unit Breakout is a testament to this commitment. But what is it exactly? Imagine having a comprehensive itemization of each and every component within each tenant space. This empowers you with precise values for every element, so that if a tenant decides to move on, you have a clear valuation for each component within their space. This flexibility allows you to retire components strategically, resulting in increased tax write-offs and better financial management.

     While other cost segregation providers might compromise on the quality of their cost segregation studies, the team at Cost Seg America, make it our mission to go above and beyond. This dedication to excellence is a cornerstone of our approach – an approach that consistently places our clients' interests first.

     Are you ready to take your strip mall investment to new heights? Experience the transformative power of the Cost Seg America team's Component Unit Breakout.

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