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Maximizing ROI: Why Strip Malls and Cost Segregation Make a Perfect Match

Sep 28, 2023

     Strip malls, with their diverse mix of retail tenants, have long been a popular investment choice for savvy real estate investors. Their potential for steady rental income and capital appreciation makes them an attractive asset class. However, with the rising challenges of high taxes and economic uncertainties, investors are constantly seeking ways to optimize their returns. Enter cost segregation – a powerful tool that can unlock hidden tax benefits in strip malls, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Unleashing the Hidden Potential

     The Cost Seg America team stands out in the cost segregation landscape by offering unparalleled expertise and exceptional service. On strip malls, our team typically finds 20% - 45% in depreciation using cost segregation, which can translate into significant tax savings for property owners. Unlike other cost segregation providers, the Cost Seg America team goes the extra mile by providing tenant breakout – an optional feature where their analysts break down each individual tenant space. This level of detail has garnered rave reviews from clients specializing in strip mall investments.

The Power of Tenant Breakout

     With tenant breakout, the Cost Seg America team provides a project control spreadsheet listing each and every component of the tenant space. This detailed breakdown empowers strip mall owners with valuable information that can be crucial in managing the property effectively. In the dynamic world of retail, tenant turnover is not uncommon. When a tenant leaves, the owner can use the tenant breakout information to retire all assets of that particular tenant space, efficiently preparing it for the arrival of a new tenant.

The Advantage of the Cost Seg America Team

     When you choose Cost Seg America's TIER ONE study which includes tenant breakout, strip mall owners gain a competitive edge in the market. Strip Mall owners can confidently manage their properties, knowing they have a comprehensive understanding of the assets within each tenant space. This level of detail provides valuable insights into the property's overall value and ensures that owners can maximize the return on their investment.

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