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The Tale of the Tortoise and the Hare: Be Wise when Choosing a Cost Segregation firm

Aug 30, 2023

     Once upon a time, there existed two rival companies specializing in cost segregation studies – Cost Seg America and Cherry Pickers Inc. Much like the timeless fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, these companies diverged significantly in their approaches.

     Cost Seg America resembled the Tortoise in their methodical and unwavering demeanor. They dedicated ample time to execute thorough Tier One Cost Segregation studies, meticulously scrutinizing every facet of properties to unearth valuable tax advantages for their clients. Their team of experts left no stone unturned, ensuring the most comprehensive analysis.

     On the other hand, Cherry Pickers Inc. embodied the Hare, priding themselves on speed. They provided expedited Tier 3 or Tier 4 Cost Segregation studies, promising swift outcomes. However, their strategy was similar to picking low-hanging fruit – focusing on obvious elements without delving into the property's hidden treasures.

     One day, a wise real estate investor named Mr. Smart wanted cost segregation studies for two properties. He approached both Cost Seg America and Cherry Pickers Inc. to determine the superior option.

     Cost Seg America explained that their Tier One Cost Segregation study would unveil all potential tax benefits through a comprehensive process. They assured Mr. Smart that their approach would result in significant savings and heightened cash flow. For over two decades the Cost Seg America team has provided a Tier 1 study, the highest and most thorough study approved by the IRS, to fully maximize the clients benefits. In fact, the Cost Seg America team typically finds between 6% and 15% more in total write-offs and offer the highest level of audit protection as they itemize each and every component of the property.

     Cherry Pickers Inc.'s likeness to the Hare raises concerns about reliability, implying a lack of thoroughness, potentially overlooking critical details. The emphasis on rapid results suggests a potential disregard for in-depth analysis, which could lead to incomplete or skewed findings. 

     Under pressure to decide, Mr. Smart engaged the Cost Seg America team one one study and Cherry Pickers Inc. for the other.

     As time passed, Cost Seg America, true to their nature, diligently worked on Mr. Smart's property. They methodically documented each and every building component's value. In contrast, Cherry Pickers Inc. lower-level Tier 3 or Tier 4 study, focused primarily on surface-level aspects, leaving bushels of money on the table for their clients.

     Upon completion of the studies, a stark contrast emerged. Cost Seg America's Tier One study uncovered 48% in depreciation, yielding substantial tax savings for Mr. Smart. Meanwhile, Cherry Pickers Inc.'s Tier 3 or Tier 4 study only identified 33% in depreciation, overlooking valuable opportunities.

     Ultimately, the parable of the Tortoise and the Hare once again demonstrated its timeless wisdom. Cost Seg America's comprehensive approach will always win the race in finding the most tax-write offs.

The End.

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