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Oct 12, 2023

     Are you actively involved in the world of Residential Real Estate Investing? Do you find yourself drawn to the allure of duplexes, triplexes, apartment complexes, and even high-end luxury homes? Are you aiming to refine your Cash Flow Strategy, ultimately propelling your capacity to acquire more investment properties and expand your lucrative portfolio?

     Picture this: the most savvy Residential Real Estate investors have incorporated a game-changing technique into their repertoire — a Cost Segregation Study for every property they acquire. This ingenious approach enables them to tap into BONUS DEPRECIATION, resulting in substantial front-loaded qualified depreciation within the year of the study. It's a strategic masterstroke that empowers our astute clients to not only optimize their tax planning but to also continuously elevate their portfolio by acquiring more investment properties.

     Check this out! There is a well-kept secret that has eluded many Real Estate Investors, even those who utilize cost segregation: the team at Cost Seg America can conduct a cost segregation study on any structure built or purchased within the past decade. So, if you have ventured into real estate investments within the last 10 years, the time is ripe to perform a cost segregation study in the current year and seize an immense tax benefit. It's worth noting that a prevalent misconception among Real Estate Investors is that cost segregation is limited to the year of property acquisition, but this is not true! This is called a LOOK-BACK study, allowing you to capitalize on missed tax write-offs on this years taxes.

     Allow me to illustrate how the concept of cost segregation can provide boatloads of tax write-offs this year. Imagine a scenario in which a client acquires an apartment complex for $1.2 million (with a land value of $200,000). The outcome? A staggering first-year federal tax write-off amounting to an impressive $320,000. That's right!, $320,000 in tax write-offs.

     Envision the possibilities that arise with an extra $320,000 in federal tax write-offs at your fingertips. What if this approach was extended across every property in your possession? 

     Multiply your real estate investment portfolio by partnering with Cost Seg America. Here's another incentive: for over two decades, our experienced team consistently uncovers between 6% and 15% more in total depreciation compared to other cost segregation companies because of our level of detail. It's time to embrace the exceptional possibilities that cost segregation offers. Your investment portfolio will experience a remarkable transformation.

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